Michelle S

Well Priced, On Time, Fantastic Quality – What else could you ask for! Thankyou for everything

Nick H

Michelle S

Brian was a pleasure to deal with. You will always have our business!

James K

Michelle S

The awesome team at Kingsford Blinds & Awnings took the time to talk me through my options and made recommendations based on what I needed. The business is family owned and implements an authentic approach to ensuring customer satisfaction


Michelle S

Good Value, Great People. Very happy with the outcome of my project.

Jonathan M

Michelle S

After receiving quotes from several places I went with this company for these reasons: they arranged to come and see my place to quote within 3 days, they prepared a quote on the same day. their prices were AMAZING, and they did what every other company said was not possible-installed awnings on my 3rd floor windows and balcony.

Michelle, S

Best Window Canopy Awning, Fixed Guide Awnings & Verandah Awnings in Little Bay

Enjoy the Little Bay outdoor lifestyle with Kingsford Blinds-Awnings!

Protect your Little Bay home from harmful UV rays, wind and rain with Kingsford Blinds-Awnings’ range of residential awnings. We provide the best quality awnings for all your outdoor living requirements such as – window canopy awnings, fixed guide awnings and verandah awnings for our clients in the Little Bay area. Our reputation for providing excellent before and after sales customer service and products put us in the lead for awning suppliers in Little Bay.

Our range of outdoor awnings

  • Window Canopy Awning

    Canopies are attached to the outside of buildings to provide additional shade against the fierce summer sun. Our window canopy awnings are retractable and unsupported shades which can be attached above your window or door to give shade and protect your room’s interior flooring and furniture from harsh weather conditions such as the sun, wind and rain.

  • Verandah Awnings

    These awnings are overhangs attached to the exterior façade of the property. The verandah awnings are usually installed in outdoor seating areas, open entertainment areas such as – verandahs, porches and balconies. They provide shade and protection from the harmful UV rays and rain and make those outdoor spaces more comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your guests.

  • Fixed Guide Awnings

    Fixed guide awnings ensure the safety of your floor coverings, drapes and furniture from fading when subjected to UV rays. In the summer they make your home more comfortable during the day by allowing the cool breeze in and facilitating overall interior cooling, while keeping the sun’s harmful rays away.


  • UV protection
  • Light filtering or full blackout
  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Customised design
  • High quality material
  • Warranty

Get in touch with our team of experts in Little Bay and let us find you an aesthetic yet functional solution with the benefits of home cooling, sun protection and exterior decoration.