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Well Priced, On Time, Fantastic Quality – What else could you ask for! Thankyou for everything

Nick H

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Brian was a pleasure to deal with. You will always have our business!

James K

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The awesome team at Kingsford Blinds & Awnings took the time to talk me through my options and made recommendations based on what I needed. The business is family owned and implements an authentic approach to ensuring customer satisfaction


Michelle S

Good Value, Great People. Very happy with the outcome of my project.

Jonathan M

Michelle S

After receiving quotes from several places I went with this company for these reasons: they arranged to come and see my place to quote within 3 days, they prepared a quote on the same day. their prices were AMAZING, and they did what every other company said was not possible-installed awnings on my 3rd floor windows and balcony.

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Automatic Shade Awnings, Outdoor Window Awnings, Straight Drop Awnings & Sunscreen Roller Blinds in Kingsford

The beautiful Eastern Suburban Kingsford homes are known for the great outdoor living spaces such as verandahs, porches, larges windows and patios. At Kingsford Blinds-Awnings we aim to give Kingsford homeowners the best solution to be protected from the sun’s extreme heat and harmful rays while enjoying outdoor living. Our range includes -

Automatic Shade Awnings: They provide extra shade building entrances, windows and verandah doors. This modern age awning includes an instrument that enables the shade to retract itself automatically for protection against strong breezes and downpours. Enjoy the best of both – interiors and exteriors while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Outdoor Window Awnings: They keep your home cool during the summer and allow the warmth of the sun to warm your home. These awnings are perfect for yards, verandas, galleries, and have both residential and commercial applications. The outdoor window awnings protect you from the harsh climate and allows you to entertain or relax in the natural surroundings without obstructing your window or balcony’s view.

Straight Drop Awnings: They offer additional privacy in open-air entertaining areas for your Kingsford home. Straight drop awnings have light-separating characteristics which diffuse light, reduce glare and help minimise the summer heat from entering the property through patios and windows.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds: They are popular window accessories around the globe. The many advantages of the sunscreen roller blinds include the ability to allow natural light in interior spaces while providing full protection against the sun, flexibility of use and their adaptability to all types of residential and commercial spaces in Kingsford.


  • Custom made

    Our awnings, shutters, and blinds are customised to suit your requirements and spatial needs. They can be customised to a wide range of windows and doors flawlessly.

  • Quality Products

    Our awnings, shutters, and outdoor blinds provide excellent value for money as they are made from top quality materials. Our products are made by experts in the industry and are manufactured to last years.

  • Expert Installation

    Our installation experts have years of experience in installing awnings and blinds at Kingsford properties. We ensure a hassle-free installation experience for all our clients.

Get in touch and convert your Kingsford outdoor lifestyle with Kingsford Blinds-Awnings, the one stop solution for all your blind and awning problems.