Customisable Screen Doors, Stainless Steel Security Doors & Safety Screen Doors in Botany

Protecting your home has never been more important than now, with an increase in home invasions in the Botany and surrounding suburbs across NSW, it’s important that you protect your house, loved ones and businesses with a simple yet cost effective way designed to stop unwanted visitors with the use of safety screen doors.

Our safety screen doors come in a range of colours and designs with optional extras. We can also design custom screen doors to suit your single doors, double doors, sliding doors and custom door sizes.

Ensure your loved one’s safety with Kingsford Blinds-Awnings. We are advocates for home safety and ensure we bring only the best quality safety security doors to the Botany and surrounding suburbs. Our reputation for providing excellent before and after sales customer service and products put us in the lead for suppliers of safety screen doors in Sydney.


Kingsford Blinds-Awnings range of safety screen doors including custom screen doors and our stainless-steel security doors are the perfect way to keep your home safe from intruders and environmental factors such as dust, heat and insects. Whether you have a standard size door or need a custom screen door designed, we have the solutions for you, Our range of Safety screen doors feature:

  • Enhanced security: Our range of safety screen doors have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they create the most secure barrier from intruders and allow you to leave your door open or answer the door without having to open it completely.

  • Increased ventilation: Our range of safety screen doors allow you to keep your front door open, letting the breeze in and keeping the insects, dust and intruders out.

  • Privacy: The specially designed material that we use for your safety screen doors does not obscure your views outside but protect the inside of your house from being seen from potential intruders outside.

  • Invisible design: Our safety screen doors blend seamlessly with the structure of your home allowing it to remain modern and aesthetic.

From traditional safety screen doors, custom screen doors or stainless-steel doors, our focus is on our client’s safety that’s why we use only the highest quality superior strength materials that undergo rigorous testing techniques to ensure our products are top of the line.

Call us today to speak with one of our safety screen doors specialists in Botany and take the first step towards ensuring your home’s safety.