Top Quality Thermalite Shutters in Sydney, NSW

It’s time to upgrade your Sydney house with the elegant Thermalite Shutters from Kingsford Blinds-Awnings. These shutters are aesthetic additions to your home’s doors and windows. While they feel and look like wood, thermalite shutters provide additional unique benefits as compared to the traditional wood shutters. They are 100% sustainable, non-toxic and are solid in structure produced using thick polymer foam.

Our 100% Australian made Thermalite Shutters are fire-resistant and water-resistant. They provide three times the protection as compared to the vinyl and wood counterparts. Our Louvre friendly Thermalite Shutter range are the perfect inclusions to your Sydney home’s interior – kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms.

Thermalite Shutter Features

  • Perfect for All Locations: Our shutters don’t fade with usage and are ideal for both internal and outside use, including units, houses, cafes, resorts, emergency clinics and inns. They are water-resistant and ideal for use in washrooms and wet areas.

  • Safe to Use: Our Thermalite Shutters are 100% environment-friendly, toxic-free and safe to use for your little one’s room. An additional benefit of using thermalite shutters is that they are termite proof. Thus, providing you with a hassle-free solution to all your lighting control problems.

  • Easy to Clean: We have specifically designed our shutters according to the Sydney climate and lifestyle. They are low-maintenance products and can easily be cleaned with soapy water or a feather duster. Just wipe them once or twice a month and they will remain as good as new.

  • Quality Product & Warranty: Every Thermalite Shutter comes with a warranty including the paint finish that will protect your new light-controllers for a long time against yellowing, splitting or stripping. These shutters are uniquely designed to fit any entrance or window and are fitted with precision by our specialists.

Get in touch with the Sydney shutter specialists for an aesthetic yet functional light-controlling addition to your space.